ElitePain  History of Pain Spy Interrogaton

Release Year: 2014

Studio: ElitePain.com


History of Pain Spy Interrogaton

Release Year: 2014

Studio: ElitePain

Cast: NO info


Interrogator And Cooters Girlunusual Day At The Office

Studio: Bondageorgasms


Interrogatio 28: Elvira

The juvenile, full-bosomed female house slave Elvira is accused to have seducted farmer Karl in the shed. Reported to the court from his wife, this babe now has to answer her misdeed to the judges. The witch tries with coquetry to mitigate the penalty, but in vain. The guilt is proved definite, and the punishmentfollows in full severity.


Interrogatio 27: Rivalinnen (Rivals in Love)

The 2 youthful wenches Anna and Ella are rivals in love. Ella is full of detest against Anna, so this babe has captured Anna and brought her to a secret place where this babe keeps her fastened. Ella has a diabolic plan: that babe is going to denunciate Anna to be the witch they are looking for! The witchhunters are searching for a witch, who is responsible for the latest crop loss in city. A lot of trees have been broken and the apples are filth and appear to be to be poisonous by witchcraft.


Interrogatio 26: Incubus (Rebecca 2)

In a warm summer night Rebecca is giving a witch ritual, to call her true paramours. It is no fantasy when the Incubus appears and made her dependend. The next morning, when Rebecca woke up, that babe felt great remorse and went back to the courtroom. Even in there that babe iterated her bad behavior. Only with rough torment they can push around the witch. The bullwhipe and the wooden pony should aid to acquire rid of the cruel..


Interrogatio 25: Hexenwaage (Witch´s Scale)

It is not obvious which of the 2 broads imprisoned is a witch. Is it the maidservant Susanna, being watched during the time that coming back from a forbidden witch glade in a carriage animalism night, or her dominatrix Janne, which confesses to the court though it appears to be to be impossible regarding to the testimony? The confusion of the broads is very fishy and so one as well as the other acquire into a cross-examination to access the gravity of their guilt in an embarrassing questioning. Maybe they one as well as the other are witches


Interrogatio 24: Rebecca

The charming miller's with the lengthy, golden-haired hair has been arrested to suffer, being severely undressed on a very peculiar kind of rack! Here this babe will suffer until the devils will leave her vile sinful body


Interrogatio 22: Agatha

The youthful floozy Agatha is suspected to be a witch and a ! Trapped in the playroom, the interrogators will have no lenience with such a sinner. First her pubic hair is hairless, then this babe receives a severe flagellation and thrashing for a 1st castigation. Then that babe has to feel a bit like the heat of the stake would be during the time that that babe is tied animal training a cross..


Interrogatio 23: Die Kuechenmagd (Cookmaid)

The glamorous maidservant Alburga has already arrived the witch tower for the second time. This time her judges do not let expect her lengthy to investigate her heartless intrigues. Again that babe tries to bewitch the religious and shows her private points on a likewise open way. Such a broad need to be in league with the devil.


Interrogatio 21: Strappado

The "Strappado" already has been described and used for the questioning of witches in the early 15th century, where this method of witch-torment was one of the majority facile, but likewise almost all painful methods. The arms of the witch were bound behind her back or front, then a lengthy rope is bound to her wrists, leading over a hook animal training the dungeons ceiling. Then the witch was made hanging in soreness caused by her own weight..


Interrogatio 17: Tormented Thief

A gorgeous juvenile maidservant has been captured and arrested after that babe had stolen a pair of potatoes from the garden. First this babe becomes punished severely as a thief. Then this babe too is discovered guilty being a witch and becomes tormented by actually pervy methods.


Interrogatio 15: Wheel of Pain

A youthful nun is discovered guilty by forbidden lesbo love, as this babe cares for an imprisoned witch. Both honeys are brought down into the chamber cellar..and there they proceed to 'care' for every other. Both of em are punished by severe flogging in front of the judges


Interrogatio 14: The Witch and the Nun

The golden-haired bitch Helena is dealing with forbidden herbs and medicine. You will watch her on 2 bizarre painful devices. First the wheel of torment, second the garotte


Interrogatio 11: Hells Chair

A youthful and very handsome gipsy is dancing around a fireplace in city, making even righteous studs eager with her erotic charme and her bodys movement. Isn´t this a sin?! Red hawt coals will chastise her feet on the hells chair..


Interrogatio 9: Degradation

Now the red haired witch is lying in the messy play room for weeks as they come to visit her one night to give her a lesson in embarrassment! One of the 3 guards is pissing all over her to wake her up from bad fantasies, then the other one begins to beat and flog her whilst this babe can´t defend coz of the rough metallic around her neck.


Interrogatio 20: Parcours of Torment

Once a witch has been discovered guilty, there was a particular kind of torture which too was a chance for these babes to demonstrate their will to purge and suffer for what they have done.


Interrogatio 8: Hexenamme (Auburn Midwife)

Some particular hotties in the centre ages often were suspected to be witches: healers and midwifes - likewise sweethearts with red, auburn hair. This movie is about one more vile witch, called the "auburn midwife". She tries to escape, running throughout the forest


Interrogatio 2: Die Schwarzhaarige (Beggar Wench)

Another witch has been arrested: the nameless black-haired beggar floozy was captured after swimming in natures garb in a lake animal play midnight. No doubt, that babe is unmerciful, and the judges have to start questioning another time. First her garments are ripped off, and that babe is standing absolutely exposed betwixt the tormentors, powerless in chaines and in shame..


Interrogatio 1: Hexenverhoer (Witch Trail)

The vile witch Mia has been brought out from her tiny messy cell for the 1st time to be interrogated. First, as "territio" that babe has to see some other witch being tormented with the fire of a torch. All the studs can´t expect to make this poor doxy suffer for her cruel witchcraft..