Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play castigation heavy pd enema 912 insexarchives

Bewitching moonshine sparkles in her 1st live feed.

Stepping out in tall, tough boots, nylons, and a ruffled dark suit, that babe is 1st tested with a constricted iron collar connected to a chain that runs betwixt her legs and hooks in front animal play her cuffed wrists. Moonshine performs a tender balancing action to reduce the pressure on her crotch and save herself from erotic asphyxiation. PD gradually intensifies her predicament, removing the boots to f0rce her on tiptoe then pulling one leg up so that that babe have to support her weight on a single pointed foot.

After over an hour of hanging, that babe is restrained with chains in a wrist and ankle bondage. The position strains her neck and arms and digs the chain even deeper into her crotch, but moonshine endures out of complaint.

The act heats up after a three-hour pre-feed - moonshine's underware is circumcised off and that babe get to rest on her knees with the support of a noose. PD suctions her firm meatballs then canes her feet to distract from the suffering. Pulling her down to hands and knees, this chab locks a leash to her nose ring and leads her around on hands and knees.

Next moonshine is clothed in greater quantity metal tying: metal thong with sex toy filling her snatch, spreader bar betwixt knees, wrists cuffed behind back, collar, bit gag, and ankles cuffed and shackled. Obediently, this babe performs an awkward waddle walk around the studio with the encouragement of PD's rod.

Lifted in an inverted suspension, this babe dangles effortlessly and pees, squirting all over herself. PD marks her melons with the rod then flogs her untill his arm is tired. He let us her down to give em one as well as the other a break, securing her thick ponytail overhead to keep her on her toes. Annoyed with her own shrieks and wails animalism the cattle prod's brutal kiss, this babe entreats to be gagged. PD happily obliges, stuffing a rag into her face hole. Her screams are subsequently muffled as that babe is prodded then lashed with a bullwhip.

Moonshine is allowed to sit after a trying scene, but this interlude is far from relaxing. A leather posture collar hugs her thin neck; her voice squeaks and her face turns blue as it fiercely strangles.

She then discloses herself greater quantity personally in a probing examination. Strapped down to a wooden device with legs widen, that babe is punished for her past offenses and for failing to divulge em with speed and precision.

A fuck machine is fitted betwixt her parted legs, thrusting into her smooth vagina as a fake penis works on her denied clitoris. After coming out of consent that babe is granted no compassion. Subjected to the vibrator's continual torments, moonshine's f0rced to come once more, another time, and another time.

Original FileName: 20030604 - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) (Moonshine)

Format: real

Duration: 1:47:39

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

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Moonshine Live Feed - InSex

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