Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power exchange torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Jenny, youthful, charming, and bored with life out in the sticks, hitchhikes her way into trouble. She receives a ride from Joe, who persuades her to stop by his place. Maybe, that guy says, she’d be interested in his “hobby.” Jenny admits to being a curious angel. Before the day is out, Jenny learns greater amount than that babe ever wanted to know about Joe’s hobby, a preoccupation with angels, soreness, rope, and strangulation.

She stands bare on a stool in the barn, tied, gagged, her eyes taped. A intense rope noose pulls animalism her mouth. She chokes. Ropes dig into her juvenile, smooth skin, fastened animalism arms, waist, ankles, and toes. A crotch rope buries itself into her slit. All that guy craves from her is a kiss. That’s what this guy says. She refuses. He kicks the stool out from underneath her, holding her, but letting the rope tighten on her neck. Jenny’s either also tough or not working on all burners. She won’t give in.

Night comes. She shivers, exhausted. He returns. He spanks her and leaves, letting her stand and choke and think as the night passes.

The next day, he’s fastened her in an awkward position betwixt beams, a big wooden bit f0rced into her face hole. Her hair is fastened above, raising her head, arching her back. The beating begins, working over her a-hole, love muffins, and back. Drool pours out her face hole as that babe bawls. But she’s defiant. She won’t give him a kiss.

He increases the tension of the ropes, putting her in strappado. Then this guy ties her seated upon a beam, her ankles tied to haunches, feet flat jointly. The rope work is marvelous, her whoppers tied, her neck wound with rope. She can’t move. A noose hangs within her view as a reminder. He single-tails her milk sacks and teats. Tears and drool run to her chin. Candle wax, sexy, red, leaks onto her feet and milk sacks.

Still no kiss.

Perhaps he’s given up on a kiss. Perhaps now that guy simply thinks of her as his “hobby.” She is fastened widen out on an old metal wagon wheel. Her ankles are roped back to her booty, and her neck fastened betwixt 2 spokes. Her torso is thrust upward, catching the light that filters down from above. She’s beautiful. How can this guy stop now? He flogs her. Mr. Pogo permeates 1st one aperture, then some other as this chab spins her back and forth. More wax leaked onto her zeppelins and snatch. Mr. Pogo in her vagina and a candle in her face hole. He leaves her that way, splayed out, whimpering.

Original FileName: 20040710 - Hitch Hiking (Jenny)

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Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

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Hitch Hiking Jenny - InSex

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