Intotheattic - Goldie (Posted 07-21-2011)

Goldie is in a strict hog tie. Save for a diminutive couple of pants this babe is undressed and ball gagged. A big dark sex tool lies behind her. JR comes into the room and tells her to fetch it for him. She just now begins to squirm and work her way over to it. After much resistance play JR barks animal play her to hurry up, to grab it and bring it over to him. He sits on a miniature stool down across the room from her. He is yelling animal training her to hurry up. After a great deal of effort this babe lastly makes her way to him. He orders her to hand him the sextoy when this babe can hardly even hold it herself.

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Intotheattic - Goldie (Posted 07-21-2011)

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Intotheattic - Goldie (Posted 07-21-2011)

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