Britt & Max Harsh Interrogation

Studio: Fetish360

In the "Interrogation Series" the victims are spies that discover themselves half exposed and caged. Different methods are used to extract the information they have. On the wheel of torment, whips and 15,000 volts of electricity are used. In the leg spreader, clamps are applied to love melons and twat lips. Each cutie goes throughout four castigation scenes. Then this babe finds out this is indeed a discipline lesson. Look for the next movie scene where u will discover our sufferer as the interrogator and this babe does to the fresh angel anything that was done to her! This is pleasure erotic and full of great expressions. For majority of the gals this is the 1st time they have done everything like this!


Studio: Brutal Master

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

Versatile methods of castigation. BrutalMaster a world reknowned compendium of POWER PLAY techniques, a rite of passage for the honeys who dared to in natures garb their bodies and souls upon it is altar. BrutalMaster rope harness website produced the almost all spectacular and artistic and creative tying the world has ever seen. Severe, shocking, and gritty, BrutalMaster regularly took hotties on a voyage beyond their majority private and captivating raunchy dreams, unspeakable perversions, and terrifying nightmares.


Interrogatio Am Pranger

Grete, a red-haired female house slave animal training the court of a respected farmer acquires, targeting 2 drunken ruffians, as they cleaned their clothing by the stream. This accusing em of witchcraft and provide for the transfer of Grete in the black witches tower. There that babe is subjected to rigorous examination: one for instruction draws on em with enormous weights on the delicate feet have to depend.

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Release Year: 2011

Studio: Interrogatio

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Fetish, Costumes

Video language: English

The Inquisition torturing a witch.
It is very natural.
Really, that bad, and it was actually the case?

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Release Year: 2011

Studio: Juicy Entertainment

Cast: Cherry Torn, Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Jamey James, Shay Lynn, Jaded Dawn, Annie Cruz, Jennifer White, Lee Stone, Dick Delaware, Otto Bauer, Jordan Lane

Genres: Bondage / POWER EXCHANGE,

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Release Date: 23 March 2012

Chastity Lynn is a prospective fresh hire to Kink, and like all potential recent hires she's given the nickel voyage of the Armory's facilities by Bobbi Starr. However, unknown to Bobbi or the other employees, Chastity's been sent by a rival web resource to steal as much data as that babe can from the company's servers. Bobbi catches the adult baby spy red-handed during the time that she's attempting to upload the information. Trying to take what's not hers from a facility outfitted with whips, chains and other tools of algolagnia isn't a great But Bobbi takes Chastity to Kink's head of security, Nicki Hunter, who receives all Jack Bauer on her miniature lily white wazoo. With floggers and teat clamps Nicki copulates the information out of Chastity. But just to make the information worthy, Chastity is secured in a standing doggie and brutally drilled in her gazoo with a strap-on. Bobbi checks in on Nicki, and receives in on the examination by gagging Chastity with her own strap-on for the inconvenience.

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Once another time, the darksome haired beggar floozy will suffer in the hands of the inquisition. First this babe is handcuffed like a dog and permanently beaten whilst coercive to "walk" on her hands and knees over the ribald bdsm area floor. She is begging for some water, but what she´s getting is ache and humiliation play...

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Another witch has been arrested: the nameless black-haired beggar bitch was captured after swimming nude in a lake animal training midnight. No doubt, this babe is unmerciful, and the Inquisition has to start questioning anew. First her garments are ripped off, and this babe is standing totally nude betwixt the tormentors, infirm in chaines and in shame...


The vile witch Mia has been brought out from her diminutive messy cell for the 1st time to be interrogated. First, as "territio" that babe has to see some other witch being tormented with the fire of a torch. All the chaps can´t expect to make this poor slut suffer a lot for her cold-blooded witchcraft..


"Don´t have any lenience with that witch!" the Comtesse says during the time that this babe is full of detest against these poor pain babes. So one time another time the witch is hoisted up, but hanging on just one leg this time. Then this babe is prepared for the impalement....

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All the dungeons in the country are overcrowded with unmerciful witches. That´s why 3 wenches have been brought into one of the cells of the Black Countess. Now they are here, lying in chains in a smutty dank cell on straw. The Comtesse arrives and has plans to make these doxies suffer some greater quantity...

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This movie had no script, it shows a real S/M-session using the medieval set and theme. It was recorded for over 2 hours nonstop, no circumcised and no rest for the witch. The witch was interrogated for real. Watch the second hour..


This episode had no script, it shows a real S/M-session using the medieval set and theme. It was recorded for over 2 hours nonstop, no circumcised and no rest for the witch. The witch was interrogated for real. Watch the 1st hour.

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The golden-haired whore Helena is dealing with forbidden herbs and medicine. You will watch her pain on 2 bizarre painful devices. First the wheel of torment, second the garotte where the interrogators use sexy irons...


Once be discovered guilty, it was one of the worst punishments for a juvenile honeys in the midst ages, to suffer public humiliation and pang animal training the pillory. Such a woman or even witch was tied stripped in front of a crowd to be beaten and spit on, cursed and punished in any way by the crowd itself. Now u can watch the ordeal of such a pilloried bitch...

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A nice-looking woman with lengthy red hair, living alone out of spouse, trading with herbs? This have been sufficiently reasons to accuse Janne for cruel witchcraft! She has been arrested by the inquisition and this babe will have to suffer for hours on the torture rack...


A juvenile nun is discovered guilty by forbidden lesbo love, as that babe cares for an imprisoned witch. Both babes are brought down into the bdsm area cellar..and there they proceed to 'care' for every other. Both of em are punished by severe flogging in front of the inquisitor...


One erzГ ¤ hlt that Magda hГјbsche the tavern barmaid animal play the edge of the village, not merely their livelihood by honest labor disputes, but too love throughout paid services after the curfew. In addition comes the inquisition judge heard that Magda those dubious services are not just offered, but the Seagull profile views GГ ¤ almost any of her abode by a widernatГјrliche FlГјsterstimme directly in the quantity ¶ pfe and speaks to em by so much robs the mind that this is spГ ¤ ter involved in the play room to the almost all vile and deviant practices with her. The HexenjГ Winners will go to the sub of the matter and make a trap for the female servant - and tatsГ ¤ chlich, that babe is caught in the crime. The witch is punished in chamber rough!

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The juvenile hotty Mathilda understands astonishing to twist the chaps with her ​​charm and beguiling way their heads. So too is infatuated with her brother Quintus, who can delight in regularly from the woman. However, as Mathilda in love with the bailiff and denied her love Quintus services from now on, acquires into rage and anger, especially Mathilda tells him to try to win the favour of the Governor's already married with a magical substance. It is clearly rocket science! Mathilda, the harlot is initially arrested for prostitution and then brought in advance of the Court of witches. About head hung to the cross, that babe chastises and showered em with liquid manure until they called her confession on the Spanish riders, where they were loaded with weights and thoroughly whipped.

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The golden-haired Leila was expelled from the harem and sold at the serf market in the Dark Countess Bathory. This is however very frustrated, coz their recent possession speaks an unknown language, and too appears to be to feel no pang nor fun. The Alchemist is loaded and consulted, and they come jointly to track down the mystery: In Leila weighs the curse of a jinn! Only with a very painful treatment Leila is free from this spell. And so is hardly an untried torment, Leila lastly make a sentient toys of craving. Bound to the garrote have to sweat lastly consecrated on fire and suffer until her body is beginning to emotions!