Military Interrogation Part Two

Its back to interrogating the female submissive, Master Keith has his sidekick in to assist ... She is bound to a chair, her nipps humiliated, fed up of this Master Keith pretty soon has her suspended and whips her vagina.


Military Interrogation Part One

Master Keith makes a great interrogator especially when one of his domme allies comes along to assist .. Bondage, pain and torture from the great Master with suspension and whipping as well!


Modern Interrogatio

Modern Interrogatio - Im Verhör: Thea (Akte 79/34 A) / Under examination: Thea
Year: 2009


Interrogatio 4: Tears of Pain

Once afresh, the dark haired beggar whore will suffer in the hands of the inquisition. First this babe is manacled like a and permanently beaten whilst to "walk" on her hands and knees over the indecent bdsm room floor. She is begging for some water, but what she´s getting is torture and embarrassment...


Interrogatio 2: Die Schwarzhaarige (Beggar Wench)

Another witch has been arrested: the nameless black-haired beggar bitch was captured after swimming undressed in a lake animalism midnight. No doubt, this babe is cold-blooded, and the Inquisition has to start examination afresh. First her clothing are ripped off, and that babe is standing totally stripped betwixt the tormentors, powerless in chaines and in shame...


Interrogatio 7: Impalement 2

"Don´t have any lenience with that witch!" the Comtesse says whilst this babe is full of execrate against these poor pain honeys. So one time once more the witch is hoisted up, but hanging on just one leg this time. Then that babe is prepared for the impalement....


Interrogatio 7: Impalement 1

All the dungeons in the country are overcrowded with cruel witches. That´s why 3 wenches have been brought into one of the cells of the Black Countess. Now they are here, lying in chains in a messy dank cell on straw. The Comtesse arrives and has plans to make these harlots suffer some greater quantity...


Interrogatio 6: Die Hexenhure 2 (Witch Whore 2)

This clip had no script, it shows a real S/M-session using the medieval set and theme. It was recorded for over 2 hours nonstop, no circumcised and no rest for the witch. The witch was interrogated for real. Watch the second hour..


Interrogatio 6: Die Hexenhure 1 (Witch Whore 1)

This clip had no script, it shows a real S/M-session using the medieval set and theme. It was recorded for over 2 hours nonstop, no circumcised and no rest for the witch. The witch was interrogated for real. Watch the 1st hour.


Modern Interrogatio - Die Kasteiung

Release Year: 2011

Studio: Interrogatio

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Fetish


Modern Interrogatio - Bathory Tales

Romula, and a youthful woman grew wild in the forest on a pack of wolves until they captured the darksome as gifts and Comtesse Noir was bequeathed. Not a word is to elicit from her, but that babe growls and scratches, behaves greater amount as an beast as fellow. This looks animalism her domme as a defiance. Together with their host, the alchemist, Aurelio de Torquemada, dedicates itself to the fresh gear with great fun. So shall the wild to be tamed and the gentlemen here like to chat. Romula need to learn in thorny dance shoes, conducted in strict cycle of lashes. Then they await the criminal division - there that babe is tortured and their wild wish to handle is not pretty soon!


Interrogatio - Die Milchmagd

For days, the milkmaid, the Louisa's cattle farmers milked out of any success. When this likewise fails to jizz flow, this chab fears the work of witchcraft, and reports the operations of the Inquisition, the witch-hunters. The judge suggested that the female servant throughout witchcraft milk and cock juice robbery committed. But where this babe is hiding their loot, if not unfathomable sin in her womb? Since the landlord says it's curdled milk from her teats as if this guy had taken it, but this babe likewise claims to be a virgin, that babe is subjected to the test of smokin. In this historically traditional, yet very kinky method is passed throughout a steam pipe rack in the lower body of the witch. If this out from some other gap of her body anew, it is apparent that this babe was already encountered and their claim is a lie. And lies are punished ...


The Interrogation! BDSM

Year : 2008
Genre : DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, torment, spanking, tying, canning, gags


Interrogator & Cooters Girl - Unusual Day at the Office


Russian Slaves 69-Interrogation of prostitutes

Year: 2011
Country: Russia