Interrogatio - Die Wahrsagerin Scene 1

Release Year: 2017

Video language: English


Casino Gag Interrogation for Sahrye 2

Ace walks up behind Sahrye with a wide Ace(lol) bandage and tightly cleave gags her with it. She is not pleased about this, but merely gives him a adult baby resistance. He then removes her wristlets and tapes her wrists previous to this guy proceeds adding tape to her upper body. It's not lengthy previous to u can watch the panic on her face from the tightness of the gag. Ace makes the gag worse by adding several wraps of dark tape over the cleave gag! Ace leaves her to endure the gag. Sahrye breathes heavily as this babe concentrates and deals with her strict restraint bondage and even greater amount strict gag. Ace lastly returns and removes the gag. Although Sahrye is clearly in distress, this babe remains defiant. Ace walks away and returns with a massive cleaning sponge. Yes, u guessed it. He shoves it in her face hole and tapes it in with the clear tape another time. He proceeds adding greater amount and greater quantity tape, including her hands, which are not quite absolutely taped up as well. Her eyes begin to receive glossy. Ace then wraps her face with some very clear wide tape. Ace leaves her like this. Sahrye groans in anguish now as that babe endures the strict tape tying and the complete face hole filling sponge gag. A not many tears tainted with mascara begin to run from beneath the clear tape. She is absolutely immobilized other than her head. Ace had to run off to take care of some business or It would have been bound back in some fashion as well. At the end of the video I added the footage of Sahrye being ballgagged in advance of the actual video begins and I added a deleted scene where I taped up her neck, but I did it a adult baby to taut and I had to remove it. Sahrye was wearing the sponge gag.


Sexual Interrogation

Studio: Kink: Sex and Submission

Cast: Vera Drake,Ramon Nomar

Video language: English


Interrogation of Slave Abigail

After leaving her tied and hooded in the darksome for 2 hours, Master James does what He does most good. With a soft approach and a swift hand, He questions His serf and stimulates her with the rod and flog and priceless old fashioned anxiety. He then puts her in a precarious tying position whilst still hooded and proceeds to push around her with whips and the paddle. As that babe struggles to deal with the torment, this babe dances on her tippy toes as that babe is said to recite her slave's creed.


SI - Suspended Sexual Interrogation

Release Year: 2016

Studio: SI

Cast: Trapper Smith and Mistress Alice

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RickSavage - Painful Interrogation : Yasmine

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION,Bondage, Spanking, Humilation, Domination, Disciрline, male domination, Femdom, Wax

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Interrogation Training: Deputy detective fucked, beat & waterboarded!

Studio: Kink: Whipped Ass


TB - Michelles Electric Interrogation Part 2

Release Year: 2016

We watch a unfathomable red head angel tied on a spreader bar gazoo and vagina quite stripped and willing for use. Her throat has a sex-toy gag on it this babe is seeking her eyes about to watch what could be coming animal training her next. Master Snaurg comes animal training her with a slightly lubed sex toy and stuffs it in her wazoo. strokes it a bit but her arse is so constricted it's not going to stay in place on it is own.

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Interrogatio Die Tierhexe

Release Year: 2016

Video language: German

Nachdem immer wieder Futter auf mysteriöse Weise aus den Stallungen des Gutsherren verschwun-den ist, vermutet chap das Wirken einer Tierhexe, einem Weib, das es versteht, zur Tarnung die Gestalt eines Tieres anzunehmen. Und tatsächlich, eines Tages ertappt chap Mathilda auf frischer Tat beim Stehlen von Möhren. Da diese bereits schon einmal vor dem Hexengericht stand, liegt der Verdacht nahe, die Schuldige gefunden zu haben. Um die Vermutung zu beweisen wird die Hexe einer Reihe von harten Prüfungen unterzogen. Sollte sie die Tierhexe sein, so steht es geschrieben, dann tritt die Verwandlung dann ein, wenn chap sie hält und behandelt wie das Tier, dessen Gestalt sie anzunehmen versteht. So wird das Weib erst als Hündin abgerichtet, dann als Stute dressiert und getrimmt - beides erträgt die Hexe, ohne dass der Wandel eintritt. Doch dann soll sie als Kaninchen gestoßen werden, mit der großen mittelalterlichen Rammelmaschine!


The Interrogation 2: Electro Sex Slave Punished

Studio: Kink: Electrosluts

Cast: Mona Wales,Daisy Ducati,Siouxsie Q

Medieval Interrogatio Scene  6

Release Year: 2016

Video language: English

Not exactly quality, but very watchable for the ravishing (imho) hotty. Did they have garments pegs, wires, and clitoris piercings in medieval times?


Interrogating the Ginseng Thief - Part 3

Release Year: 2016

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Humiliation, Torture


Release Year: 2016

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Humiliation, Torture

Video language: English

This movie scene begins where Part 1 ended... I tie a rope leash to Rubee's collar in advance of lifting her until her arms clear the post. I order her to her knees in advance of restraint bondage her leash to the post to keep her from trying to foolishly run off gagged with her wrists tied. I pull up and position a wooden pony. I'm getting tired, and I plan is to watch if this babe craves to talk, either way she's going for a ride, but I might circumcised her ride a bit short if that babe cooperates. I lift her onto the wooden apparatus and pretty soon after remove the clamps. Her collar is fastened down to the front of the pony. I rope up a chest restraint and tie it off to the post. This will keep her riding whilst I finish adding greater amount ropes and accessories. I remove her gag, but this babe suggests no cooperation animal training all. I gag her another time, but this time, I bit gag her with a bit gag, fashioned from a bulky stick and some leather scraps I had laying around. I noose her teats, but I don't tie em off just yet. I pound a scarcely any stakes into the ground and tie her ankles off to em. Her restraint bondage intensifies as I tie her elbows jointly. This is where Part 2 ends.


Interrogating the Ginseng Thief - Part 1

Release Year: 2016

Genres: POWER PLAY, Humiliation, Torture