Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

Studio: InfernalRestraints
Cast: Sierra Cirque
Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Canning, Torture, Spanking, Hummulation

Creep: Where is that babe? Well, that babe has been driving for four hours.

Sierra Cirque : He wasn’t kidding when this chab told it was remote. Woodlands and run-down towns.

Creep: God, that babe looks great. She’s so charming. I love the glasses. It makes her look smart. She’s tall. She appears to be ready sufficiently likewise.

Sierra Cirque E: Boy, that guy looks old, but he’s not obese. He’s tall. He appears to be safe sufficiently.

Creep: Oh my God, she’s sliding the petticoat off over her butt. She’s folding up her petticoat, that babe get to be neat. She’s curious, she’s looking around. I wonder if that babe suspects everything.

Sierra Cirque : Where did that guy go and what is taking him so lengthy? He disappeared right after I got here. How strange. I hope the discharge begins in a short time so I can acquire out of this creepy place.

Creep: She’s got some lengthy legs to blindfold to acquire these hose off.

Sierra Cirque : This underclothes smells musty. I wonder if anyone else has worn em. Probably him.

This underware looks like it’s from the 50s. He probably jerked off to chicks clothed like this.

Creep: God, my ramrod is as rough as it was back in Gary, Indiana when I used to roam the neighborhoods peeping-tomism throughout bedroom windows.

She appears to be marvelous stoic. Once I receive her bound I can shift the propriety.

“Do u know why your ankles are fastened first?”

Sierra Cirque : Where the hell is this chab? This is getting creepier by the minute.

Shit, now this guy is fondling me — I mustn't show that I am scared. I don’t dare say everything that will kindle him — I have to play along. If I confront him, and it is my worst dismay, I will have no place to go.

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Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

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Sierra Cirque (Creep Meet  )

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