The Master Executioner

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There is no thing to rival the atmosphere of the mediaeval torment dungeon. The mysterious halls and dungeons... The memories of pang, tears, humiliation... Especially for these who aren’t indifferent to the soreness of poor gals interrogated by heartless executioners and nude to the torments of his assistants.

But what about the aristocracy?

How often can a youthful princess visit the torment play room to have a fun those delicacies? In peculiar when the very thought of severe beatings, in natures garb bodies and crying faces make her so sexually excited?

It wouldn’t be so often if that babe didn’t care.

So... that babe has to care.

She has to take care of her chambermaid and watch to her proper behaviour.

The chambermaid is a sinner. She is to be married in a small in number days and yet this babe was discovered with a paramour in her chambers. Disgraceful! Everybody knows that babe should be a demure beauty and a virgin until her marriage. She get to be taught a lesson!

So the princess takes her to the executioner. It is important for her remember, so the executioner accedes to show the princess how to deal with strumpets and sinners, to reform em or animal training the very least educate em some morals.

The executioner knows all about punishments and suffering. But that is not all. He is too known for his hatred of sweethearts. Especially the barefaced ones... and this is exactly what the princess needs. He is a fellow in the right place animalism the right time.

He demonstrates various poses, implements and their effects. With genuine excitement and professional skill this chab shows the princess what the pliant switch-hitter, the rough belt and even the stock-whip will do to the bottoms of whores put into his play room. When the princess sees those implements caning the girls‘ butt cheeks and changing their colour from pale white to unfathomable red and blue, that babe realises just how much this babe enjoys it.

One cutie is punished with a stock-whip. The unfortunate martyr is bound to a wooden bench and this babe suffers terribly as the unmerciful implement inflicts it is unparalleled unfathomable weals. The second hotty is caned with her hands fastened back and lifted up into a very uncomfortable position.

But this is still not sufficiently for our juvenile noblewoman. She desires smth particular and this babe urges the dominant executioner to devise smth really unequalled for her chambermaid. He looks for....

... and this guy finds.

A wooden paddle specially designed for bitches with the letter „H“ is the obvious choice. It will be painful and memorable and it will leave humiliating welts in the shape of an „H“ on the poor chambermaid’s sub. She is fastened down on the wooden bench in a shameful position exposing her – no longer innocent – charms. This implement and the ingenius position have a dramatic effect on her. Her tears, screams and pleas disclose that that babe has learned a nightmarish lesson.

And the princess? She experiences the greatest rapture of her life. So strong that this babe promises the poor chambermaid that it will be iterated day after day for her amusement. Who could resist such an experience?

And the executioner? He is not interested in the cash this guy got from the princess. He gives it to his assistants and this guy is willing for greater amount private award....

Don’t miss our fresh episode. It’s full of act, set in a real mediaeval bdsm room with a darksome and compelling atmosphere.

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The Master Executioner

The Master Executioner

The Master Executioner

The Master Executioner

The Master Executioner

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The Master Executioner