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1203’s lean, supple body, big face hole, and fat, natural love melons are a restraint bondage lover’s fantasy. In her test article, PD explores the myriad possibilities.

Clad in fishnets and a miniskirt, the youthful minx explains that this babe has had a adult baby experience with PAIN PLAY but is desirous for greater quantity.

Soon sufficiently, her crave is granted– ankles and wrists tied with rope, that babe squirms awkwardly in her seat, lastly managing to stand up. PD defeats her fervent efforts to discover comfort, restraint bondage her elbows constricted jointly and using leather to pull her head back.

He stuffs her biggest throat with a rag and tapes it shut, stifling her whimpers. He strangles her with leather constricted around the neck. PD lowers her petticoat and pulls her fleshy scoops out of her brassiere. After poking her onto the floor, this guy wraps rope around her bumpers and secures it to her crossed ankles. Languishing in her restraint bondage, with every move this babe yanks harshly animal play her fastened love muffins.

Lying in natures garb on the floor, that babe is nude except for the burlap sack that masks her face. Arms and legs fastened, this babe flops around helplessly. PD suspends her by the ankles and removes the bag from her reddened, tense face. He ties her mambos anew, pulling em to the side and anchoring the rope so they are held out, stretched. Her lithe, pumped up body is struck up and down with the cane–she grimaces and flinches with every blow.

She is next fastened into a severe position, seated with legs bent, feet jointly and arms bound Japanese style behind her back. Rope extends from titties to haunches, f0rcing her chest downward. Wobbling back and forth tentatively, that babe realizes that her struggles will merely cause greater quantity soreness.

Propped up on her back, widen legs leave her conveniently stripped. Suffering in the intensive position, this babe groans desperately throughout a cloth gag. Mr. Pogo is thrust in and out of her open vagina. Her body’s contorted so painfully, even the sex tool provides no relief.

Supple scoops are crammed betwixt 2 wooden poles and legs are up, splayed open. 1203 opens up wide and PD f0rces a tennis ball unfathomable into her face hole. Labia clamps are fastened with leather, the ends secured to her toes. Using a wooden kebab stick, PD pokes around, exploring her sensitive, stretched cum-hole. Her shrieks are loud, even throughout the ball gag, when that guy smacks the skewer against her feet. She writhes and convulses when that babe is vibrated, torturing herself in the strenuous position.

This harsh tie is followed with one more: leather extends from feet to neck, f0rcing 1203 to arch her back and neck to avoid breath control. Already in torment, this babe is further disturbed when PD , gags her with a tennis ball, and taps her fingers with a skewer stick. He intensifies the position, arching the back further so head and feet are nearly touching. 1203 whines, whimpers, breathes deeply and growls with determination.

Arms and legs widen to form an X, that babe is suspended by her wrists, leather anchoring her toes to the ground. Attacked with the leather elephant’s trunk, this babe twists and turns seductively.

Standing with legs tied jointly, rope around her love muffins is pulled, f0rcing her onto the very tips of her toes. Feet arched gracefully, bra buddies stretched upwards, that babe balances precariously. Eyes spread and fill with tears as PD lifts her off the ground absolutely, suspending her by these big, flexible tits.

Format: real

Duration: 43:37

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

1203S TestInsex

1203S TestInsex

1203S TestInsex

1203S TestInsex

1203S TestInsex

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1203S TestInsex

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