Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

Studio: Insex

Cast: 202

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

202 is put throughout a series of brief tying scenarios as this babe is tutored to be a tying floozy.

She starts sitting upon a stool in knee-length petticoat and master. She is kept unbending by the fact that a collar is belted around her neck and manacled above her head. Her arms are tied one beside the other in a Japanese cradle. Her snatch and teats are pinched and her unruly meatballs pulled out of her dom and bound. They are squeezed and slapped, groped and pawed.

With her arms still fastened in the upper restraint, that babe sits upon the floor, her knees fastened to her upper arms on either side. She is suspended in this position, then lowered onto an vertical Mr. Pogo. 202 is bounced up and down, swung, and spun in circles upon the prod in her pussy.

Standing vertical afresh, her wrists, elbows, and arms are thonged behind her very tightly so that her whoppers are pushed forward. Her melons are tied, the skin tight. A head restraint is belted over her face and attached to a pulley. As her ankles are not fast pulled apart, that babe sinks downward, held vertical by the thongs about her chin and head.

The doors of a metal box are opened to disclose 202 lying on her belly, her wrists handcuffed and handcuffed to her ankles. Her head rests upon a human skull. She groans from the stress of her position. Her groans grow greater amount hysterical as that babe is lifted and placed upon the master of the metal container. Mr. Pogo is pushed into her face hole gap. A second Mr. Pogo is thrust repeatedly into her slit. As that babe is double drilled, her face takes the majority humiliate, struck repeatedly with the vibrator.

In the next scenario, 202 gingerly crawls about on her hands and knees. Her ankles are shackled to clamps that pinch her labia. Clamps on her nipps are attached to her wrists in a similar fashion so that each movement creates anguish. Her head is pulled backward. A ring in her nose is attached to a lead chain. She is prodded and led about, albeit lazily on her part, so as not to harm her sensitive nipps and cum-hole.

Her legs are widen and locked into stocks. Her wrists and neck are in metal stocks. She is handcuffed into a sitting position. Her feet are tortured with burning skewers.

202 is placed in one more rope suspension, ideal for the application of a rod. The rod whistles throughout the air and slaps her arse repeatedly. Once the striking is finished, this babe is left hanging, the laddered marks of the rod reddening her soft, pale gazoo.

Format: real

Duration: 1:17:57

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

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Insex - 202s Trainning (Playtime with Donna) (202)

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