Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power exchange torment intense pd enema 912 insexarchives

After their trying ordeals animalism Insex, 2 newcomers give a decision not to quit their day jobs.

The 1st sufferer, a 19 year-old bartender, finds her curiosity has lead her to greater amount than this babe bargained for.

Rope binding arms behind her back and hugging knees and ankles jointly, that babe stands expecting, supported by a leather noose. PD stuffs a rag in her throat, stifling any protestations as this guy disrobes down her shorts and pants, baring her hairy fur pie. He pulls her voluptuous marangos out of her brassiere and plays with em, evoking disdainful groans.

Naked, this babe balances on tiptoe; thick, wavy hair supports her from above. Legs held widen, this babe totters awkwardly.

Lola, a Pro Domme, looks forward to giving up subjugate and exploring her sub side.

Her world is quickly turned upside down when this babe is rendered powerless with rope and suspended by a single ankle. Sir C cuts off her garments, stuffing the pants into her big, ruby face hole.

Noting her bawdy cleft is in need of a shave, Sir C binds lola to a chair with legs splayed open and breaks out a str8 razor to rectify the problem. After clearing away the stray hairs, Sir C drags the sharp blade teasingly across her terrified captive’s lily-white skin.

Secured with rope, lola is lifted into the air. Arms fastened and legs widen, that babe is infirm to escape Mr. Pogo’s speculum.

Next that babe is transformed into a human punching bag. String laced around needles piercing her arms and legs is bound tight to a wooden T, assuring that that babe will not go likewise far. Fists clenched, Sir C beats rhythmically against lola’s chest and haunches, causing her entire body to jolt on hit.

As a final action of obedience, lola swoons against the T, giving herself over to the vibrator’s soothing touch.

Original FileName: 20021130 - Tests 4 (Lola, Aquimina)

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Duration: 44:41

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Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

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Tests 4 Lola, Aquimina - InSex

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