YX to Mila - InSex

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play castigation hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

Statuesque and flexible are his dolls — so lifelike, nearly real. And jointly, as a set, they enhance every other’s girl. Bound, tormented, and rubberized, mila and yx share a discharge filled with suffering and fun.

Fully encased in a sleek dark rubber dress and hood, yx stands on a box waiting her fate. She shrieks and writhes as PD canes her arse, legs and feet.

Belted down to a wooden V, this babe breathes deeply into a rubber rebreather attached to the end of her hood.

Tied and gagged, mila is brought out to witness her allies torture. The master half of her costume is peeled down and a leather noose is fitted around her neck. She watches as PD starts to unzip yx’s rubber panties, just sufficiently to put in a pump marital-device into her pulsating fur pie. He torments her aching clitoris with a wooden skewer then calms it with the eroscillator.

Seated with widen legs strapped to 2 pipes, mila is the next sufferer. A sex toy is thrust inside of her and a transparent hood is zipped over her head. It is now her turn to be tortured with the skewer on her melons, fur pie, and hips.

Released from the , yx returns with ankles cuffed and handcuffed jointly and tape wrapped around her feet and hands. Hungrily, that babe bathes mila’s muff with her tongue, lapping up the juices, feasting on em.

Mila is next brought to a wooden chair. A noose pulls animalism her neck as that babe sits in toe boots with legs widen. PD stands her up, makes her walk in the tall shoes. Then this guy packages her upper body in a metal box.

Standing with the box supported by a pulley, mila prances in circles, shifting her weight from one shoe to the other. Her muffled cries become increasingly craziest.

On the floor, that babe is hogtied with leather cord. Back in a graceful arch, this babe is disappointed by her immobility when PD uses the skewer on her sensitive skin one time anew.

She is tied to a four-post sofa on her abdomen with legs bent and widen and arms str8 behind. PD uses Mr. Pogo to alternate betwixt throat and cum-hole.

At final that babe is given release. Bound to the couch in a straddle, mila trembles and groans as the eroscillator works it is magic.

Original FileName: 20020309 - YX to Mila (YX, Mila)

Format: real

Duration: 53:54

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

YX to Mila - InSex

YX to Mila - InSex

YX to Mila - InSex

YX to Mila - InSex

YX to Mila - InSex

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YX to Mila - InSex

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