The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

The holiday festivities are resumed on the second day of 731’s Christmas feed.

With arms tied and one leg bound, that babe waddles around on the ground, manipulating a pail to squat and pee.

Kneeling, this babe thongs out some Christmas carols then graciously takes a sip of her urine.

Next, this babe learns a series of ten poses: standing with arms behind head, leaning forward with throat open, squatting, kneeling, an inverted V on all fours, head and knees to floor, wrist and ankle bondage, back on floor and knees up, back up with knees touching shoulders, and an arched bridge. She demonstrates the poses as PD calls out every number.

Bound in a wrist and ankle bondage, 731 eats in advance of continuing with her position control.
Legs thonged to chest, that babe sucks a sex-toy, groaning with joy. Squatting, this babe bonks herself, riding the sex toy, moving it in and out of her taut slit. Suffering in the position, this babe supplicates to be beaten.

She is then placed in a reservoir for a cold shower. A pantyhose drenches her thoroughly so that babe can lather up and clean herself.
Fettered to a metal daybed, that babe is isolated in a fully inflated latex hood. A stim inserted in her a-hole is activated by the members’ voice chat. 731 convulses and shrieks uncontrollably as the shocks invade her backdoor and widen through her entire body. Anguished, that babe pleads for the torture to end.

After taking a break to chat, this babe is thonged in a ball atop the metal daybed. Squirming and moaning, this babe feels as if that babe will burst as water is pumped into her booty throughout a catheter. Once the enema has been administered, PD attempts to distract with the rod, but 731 cannot take her mind off the rock hard cramps and bloating in her bowels. Having patiently waited for PD’s assent, this babe is animal play final allowed to relieve herself.

Strapped to a suspended metal grid, 731 is prepared for a hitting. But the 30 str8 hours of torment start to take their toll. The show is animal training final brought to an end after the wearied bitch not quite passes out in her restraint bondage.

Original FileName: 20030228 - The Last Day of Xmas (Live Feed From December 25, 2002) (731)

Format: real

Duration: 1:05:33

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

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The Last Day of Xmas Live Feed 731 - InSex

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