Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying dominance and submission torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Two canagirls are new meat for the Insex grinder. The 1st beauty claims that that babe cant live without being strangled – until rope crushes her mouth. She acquires that telling look of fear and surprise, like that babe didn’t understand the meaning of the word - strangle. The second, well, one time she’s tied, this babe hardly makes a sound. You can’t tell with her, if all the ropes actually make her soaked. Weights dangle from her labia. Needles spear throughout flesh. Her eyes are glazed. She’s lost in her brave fresh world.

So the 1st says she’s happy to be back. But maybe this babe doesn’t actually remember her ache from in advance of. Her forearms are bent upward behind her back and fastened. He orders her to make him intense. She has such a big muff, luxurious. A chain and pulley yank suddenly on the rope around her neck. She can’t speak, can’t breathe. He asks for a kiss.

A restraint about her waist and hips keep her bent. When this babe stands, this babe looks to be all titties an a-hole. That hellish asshook slips up into her constricted, youthful aperture. It heightens the outward thrust of her a-hole. A rod slashes skin, rising upward from calves to hips, then onward to her tight wazoo. She’s left like that, hanging.

pierced puff says she’s a member of Insex. Her 1st test is a maximum stress hog tie. Her wrists are pulled over and behind her feet. Suspended this way, her body is swung back and forth with clamps pinched constricted onto her teats.

Later, suspended cross-legged, her holes are quite accessible, displaying a number of labial piercings.
Penetrated with a large dark rod, a piercing of her internal labia becomes the tie-point for one as well as the other the marital-device and a weight.

In a last scene, this babe is standing with her arms tied outward. Six 18 gauge needles spear every of her forearms. The points can be seen as they slip underneath the surface of the skin. Each needle is laced and bound above. Then clothespins bite into her sides. These are fastened to weights that are put into her hands. If this babe let us go, the clothespins will be ripped off. But they weigh her arms, pulling the needles. She’s glassy-eyed, caught in that black rush. Eventually gravity wins.

It always does.

Original FileName: 20040605 - Tests 13 (Tests XIII) (Puff, Devi)

Format: real

Duration: 42:41

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

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Tests 13 XIII Puff, Devi - InSex

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