Release Year: 2016

Studio: HardTied

Cast: Harley Ace


Video language: English

Harley Ace is in hopeless need of aid. She's been plagued for years with thoughts of sexualized, kinky versions of raging acts being performed on her. She has fantasies nearly each night about males restraint bondage her up, asphyxiation her, caning her, and using her like a fuck puppet. These fantasies have Harley so anxious that this babe has decided to try to find professional assist in the form of O.T., a local and well celebrated doctor of psychology.
O.T. has recommended a incredibly successful, but rather unorthodox form of therapy for Harley's problem. He craves to her and, one time this babe is beneath, delve as unfathomable as this guy can receive into her subconscious fears and craves to discover out where the 2 overlap. Harley is wary, but she's likewise so hopeless to receive her issue taken care of that this babe is ready to try just about everything proposed to her. She lies back on the bed and within a hardly any minutes O.T. has her in a trance.
With her eyes open but glazed, it is up to O.T. to do whatsoever this chab needs, or craves to do to Harley.She follows each command that guy gives her and in no time this guy has her on her knees with her legs widen and her neck and limbs fastened to all the corners of the bed with rope. He slides a hook inside her bawdy cleft and begins to tear into her gazoo with a captains daughter. Harley may be beneath , but this babe responds to every blow like this babe is conscious and that babe is loving it. She proceeds to cry out with the use of the rod and when the singletail lashes across her zeppelins. It's likewise in a short time to tell if it's helping Harley, but it's of course doing some priceless for O.T. The rest of her treatment will be even greater quantity intensive.

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Duration: 39:09

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Harley Ace - Entranced Part 1 (2016)

Harley Ace - Entranced Part 1 (2016)

Harley Ace - Entranced Part 1 (2016)

Harley Ace - Entranced Part 1 (2016)

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Harley Ace - Entranced Part 1 (2016)

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