As said by Lilly The guy in the white lab coat came and visited me anew final night. Pitch Black and then all of a sudden a light clicks on. I'm standing with a rope around my neck fastened to an overhead beam. I can do no thing as a ball is belted in my face hole, and my wrists have been fastened behind my back with tape. I'm wearing hose, but the weird thing is that I'm wearing em as a shirt as well. I stand and try and make noise, but I'm all alone. Then, all of a sudden the dude comes out of the shadows. It's the same chap in the white lab coat that had me in the strait jacket the night in advance of. I wonder what this chab has planned for me tonight. He runs his hands over my body, but quickly begins taping me up. He totally tapes me up from the waist down. I can't watch much, but from what I can tell it looks quite glamorous. He have to like it as well, coz I hear him clicking off some pictures. Soon, to my that guy cuts my neckrope. The chap not ever says much, but this guy orders me to turn around. I obey, but it is incredibly raw with my legs so tightly tied. He then makes me hop. I hop forward and then this guy orders me to hop to a post. I obey anew. Once animal play the post I am taped to it...

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Lilly Taped and Mummified, Parts 1-2

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