Release Year: 2016

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Humiliation

In the 1st part of London River's live clip we did our most excellent to make her understand her place as the servant in our activities. It appeared to be like it worked animalism the time but now she's back to her old bossy self like no thing ever happened. Now we are going to have O.T. truly put her in her place. By the end of today's portion, London River is going to feel totally infirm and like she's lost all discipline of her surroundings. But that's solely cuz this babe has.
We have London set up her own scene by laying down padding on the section of the floor we'll be using. O.T. comes in and hobbles her hands with tape and ties em to her shoulders so it looks like that babe has younger partner wings. He then continues to tape up his own hands so they don't receive also damaged from the striking this chab is about to deliver. He lands punch after punch on London's torso and wazoo whilst that babe is feeble to do everything but squirm around the mat that babe set up. It's an incredible thing to see somebody who was one time so scary look so helpless and diminutive. A single tear drips from her eye when O.T. knocks her across the face.
If that wasn't sufficiently to break her, our next activity undoubtedly will be. London drills a narrow bench into the ground and lies on dominant of it, where this babe is then mummified in darksome gauze from her neck to her knees. O.T. then lays a darksome cloth over her face and begins to water board her mercilessly. This practice is used to crack some of the world's hardest individuals so it is no surprise when it does the trick on our London. Within minutes that babe is openly weeping. She sobs for compassion and for assist but what this babe receives instead is the rest of her legs fastened up and a rod hitting harshly up and down her encased body. If we thought the water boarding made her cry, we had no idea the kind of effect this would have.

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RtB - Sep 03, 2016 - London River

RtB - Sep 03, 2016 - London River

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RtB - Sep 03, 2016 - London River