Release Year: 2016

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Humiliation

London River is one of the almost all heavy and intimidating handlers we have on our staff. She is probably the majority feared among our models and even some of the staff. That's why when this babe acceded to be the model for today's live show this babe had some peculiar terms for the definition, namely that this babe would be involved in the planning of her own on-screen experience. So along with some of our other handlers and loyal viewers, that babe came up with a series of the worst torments that could be devised to put any person throughout, and then that babe handed the list back to our crew. Now it is time to discover out if all that is sufficiently to break the bossiest doxy in DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION.
O.T. says it superlatively good animal play the starting of our feed, "London doesn't submit." So the 1st thing we come to a conclusion to have her do is put on a show for us to prove that all this babe is there for is our entertainment. And that babe does a worthy job. London not fast disrobes down as this babe does an impressively acrobatic pole dance for our audience until this babe is in no thing greater quantity than a shiny gold brassiere and silver strap.
Still, it's tough for her to acquire into the mindset of a resigned even when this babe finds herself on her tip toes with a rope around her neck and a bucket on the other end that keeps getting greater amount weighed down. She has so much criticism to give in her compromised state. She tells O.T. to move her chained wrists from her front to her back and to shift where the rope is pulling on her neck. She chokes out commands with what adult baby breath this babe can manage.London quickly stops barking directions when the flog comes out. It cracks harder and louder against London than it does against our other models coz we know this babe is tough and this babe can take it. She holds it jointly until just like we knew this babe could, up until O.T. comes over and slaps her across the face. Then the tears come.

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RtB - Aug 27, 2016 - London River

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RtB - Aug 27, 2016 - London River