No Dignity

09 Sep 2016

Release Year: 2016

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Humiliation, Torture

It is not quite comical how much those models think alike sometimes. They come in awaiting some kind of marvelous discharge and invariably don't watch that smth is wrong the second PD makes a decision to put em into restraint bondage.

Some of em take it more good than Alisha Adams, though. She begins complaining the second that babe sets eyes on PD. It's not quite like that babe doesn't recognize that that babe has no vigour in this situation. The cold metallic locked around her neck and wrists should have given her a clue. It looks like he'll just have to be less subtle.

He undresses her down and locks her back up, not just to expose her but likewise to show her exactly how much enforcement this guy has over her life right now. Whether that babe feels ache or enjoyment is a matter of how this guy feels animalism the pont of time. One second he's flagellation her to tears and the next that babe is cumming animalism his command. She has no modesty or dignity left, so this babe may as well learn to love it.

She is going to have a lengthy time to think about that. The chair that PD belts her into that babe thinks is a temporary arrangement. Between the uncomfortable arm and leg restraint bondage, the constricting posture collar and the dissolute medical gag in her throat, Alisha makes no doubt of that that guy will set her free animal play any pont of time. He couldn't possibly wait her to endure this for lengthy. When that guy sets up the fucking machine for her pussy that babe is sure this guy will be done with her pretty soon. It isn't until that guy turns out the lights and closes the door that the truth lastly dawns on her.

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No Dignity

No Dignity

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No Dignity