At the starting of every of our live feeds we like to take a whilst to acquire to know our models by asking em a hardly any questions. Once we acquire started examination Paintoy Emma, though, we are having likewise much pleasure to stop. We have some very particular ideas for how to make this process especially pleasure for us and especially intense on Emma. We are going to take our time interrogating this one.

We already have Emma fastened down to a chair, so the next step is to bind her arms and legs all the way up with tape so this babe has no range of movement. This tying still allows for likewise much freedom. Emma can still watch and speak. O.T. wraps her head up in gauze and then puts a layer of tape over it to ensure that completely no light can make it is way throughout the veil. Once she’s totally fastened, we go back to asking questions. We hook up electrodes to her cunt, nose, and nipps, and each time that babe gives an answer we don’t like (shaking her right hand yeah and her left hand no) we send a shock throughout her body.

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Pain Puppet Part 1 Paintoy Emma

Pain Puppet Part 1 Paintoy Emma

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Pain Puppet Part 1 Paintoy Emma