Maid In Russia

26 Aug 2016

Winnie Rider loves slit torment. I'm not sure why we're bothering to say everything else. She's hawt, she's ready, she's literally begging for us to hurt her. Her body language says as much as her voice. She leans forward when that babe tells us about how much fun this babe receives from pain throughout intensive muff torture. Whatever metal restraint bondage devices and ache toys we bring out this babe will readily play with.
Winnie's wearing a beautiful costume but not for lengthy. OT cuts it away quickly, revealing her banging body. Her breasts are big and firm. Her vagina is bald clean, a flawless target for his lash to crack against. Her butt is a admirable round target out of a blemish on it. Not yet, animal training least. In a scarcely any minutes it is going to have a combination of bruises from a hard thrashing and the light crisscrossing red marks of a harsh flagellation.
She said us that her favourite thing was snatch castigation, though, and we didn't forget. OT is going to lash, rod, flagellate and paddle her wet crack out of lenience. And that won't be all that happens. Bondage isn't just for arms and legs. Clamps and hooks contort her face until this babe looks exactly how OT craves her to.. It's uncomfortable and distracting but no thing is going to keep her from feeling the impacts that are going to come down on her in natures garb bawdy cleft.
By the time her slot is filled with the cold metal sextoy that babe is so sore. It doesn't matter. OT pounds Winnie relentlessly with the gear until this babe has an explosive big o. That doesn't start to describe the intensity. Winnie wasn't kidding when that babe told this babe loved snatch punishment. Getting humiliated like this babe did had her leaking juicy and willing to blow in advance of the iron shlong was even inside of her. She's crying but it doesn't stop her from cumming.

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Maid In Russia