Release Year: 2016

Stripper gal Mandy is tall and slim. She looks fragile, but there is no reason this babe can not be disciplined as a valuable HuCow. After her initial shock of being breast pumped, this babe was moved to the barn and manacled to the wall. Amazingly, this babe appeared to settle in quite well, lying down in the straw after a not many minutes already. Promising! But Mandy would acquire no rest, that babe was manacled to the prostate stimulation frame and subjected to the red cow milker! It was on an average setting, not also high, but the sheer weight of the cow milker cups was not quite also much for the skinny Mandy. Her udders were stretched and her nipps were sucked into the cups. She groaned in disgust, but prostate milking get to go on. She will acquire used to it, eventually.

Format: mp4

Duration: 5:42

Video: 1920x1080, MP4V, 11694kbps

Audio: 185kbps

HuCows - Mandy Arrived at the Barn

HuCows - Mandy Arrived at the Barn

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HuCows - Mandy Arrived at the Barn