Starring: Abigail Dupree

1: Abigail Dupree is center stage in a alluring adult baby device to start our show. Every hotty begins the live feed languishing. It gives us a chance to receive to know em. They answer questions and we receive to test the restrictions of their endurance for intensive restraint bondage poses. Abigail is in a modified wrist and ankle bondage, tightly roped into a cold, metallic frame, whilst we give her the initial questioning.
We bring out our next display case for this marvelous piece of booty and put it right in front of her. It doesn't look like much, just a door frame made of metal pipes, but put a bottom floozy in the midst of it and it's all u need for a get-together. Bite, flog, smack and abuse her and this babe will love u forever. That's why Abigail is always coming back for greater quantity. We have such a lengthy show planned for this palatable tart. Tears are already ruining her make up, but we aren't the of sadists to stop playing the game one time the crying has started.

2: Abigail Dupree is about to experience a recent kind of soreness like this babe not ever has previous to. She is used to having her handlers focus on parts of her body like her butt, her mambos, or her feet. But this day we have smth else in mind. We would like to focus on her enjoyable hands.
We sit Abigail down in a wooden chair and place her hands on a board. We then continue to clothespin the tip of every of her fingers down to the board. Abigail describes the soreness as having her hands frozen and then run beneath hawt water. We've all felt that suffering and we wish to make the experience animalism least a adult baby bit greater amount pleasure for her, so we take out the hitachi sex toy and begin playing with her twat. Now Abigail is so overcome by the combination of joy and pang and the tears begin streaming down her cheeks. And there is solely one thing to do when a model is overwhelmed to the point of tears: add some other castigation.
Abigail Dupree is laid on the ground with her wrists and ankles bound in rope and a ring gag holding her face hole open. One of our female handlers then tells her to stick her tongue out and attaches a clothespeg to the end of it so that it stays there. Then this babe begins painting Abigail's tongue with layers of wasabi and sexy sauce. With her tongue stuck out this babe has no way to clean it, and all that is left for her to do is lie there and let it burn.

3: In the last segment of her live feed, Abigail Dupree is going to put on a real show for us. We have some gorgeous special of what we'd like to have her do, but even after anything she's been throughout Abigail is still likewise proud for what we've dreamed up. It looks like we are going to have to break that spirit of hers, and it is going to be intense.
We lay Abigail down on the ground and buckle her arms and legs to the ground widen eagle so that babe is completely infirm, then we begin to fill her holes. Our handlers stuff a tampon in every nostril and fill her face hole up. Now that that babe looks absolutely ridiculous and can barely breathe it's time to finish the job. We take a water bottle and begin sluggishly pouring it over her face hole. As the water pours, it makes the tampons expand and fill her face hole greater amount. She squirms with the revulsion and horror of being water boarded. Abigail is abased and terrified and completely willing to do soever it is we ask of her.
For her last task Abigail is going to run the gauntlet of abject humiliation. We wrist and ankle bondage her in rope and set up a adult baby obstacle course for her to wiggle her way throughout on her elbows and knees. First this babe has to make her way across a plastic doormat whilst it scrapes against her delicate soft skin. Once that babe has crossed her 1st hurdle that babe has to slog her way across a puddle of mud. If that babe can't do it fast sufficiently, we've got a neck rope awaiting to pull her throughout soever trouble this babe may be having.

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RealTimeBondage - Tasty Parts 1-3