Starring: Paintoy Emma

1: At the starting of every of our live feeds we like to take a whilst to acquire to know our models by asking em a not many questions. Once we receive started examination Paintoy Emma, though, we are having likewise much enjoyment to stop. We have some very peculiar for how to make this process especially joy for us and especially coarse on Emma. We are going to take our time interrogating this one.
We already have Emma fastened down to a chair, so the next step is to bind her arms and legs all the way up with tape so this babe has no range of movement. This tying still allows for likewise much freedom. Emma can still watch and speak. O.T. wraps her head up in gauze and then puts a layer of tape over it to ensure that totally no light can make it is way throughout the blindfold. Once she's totally tied, we go back to asking questions. We hook up electrodes to her bawdy cleft, nose, and nipps, and each time that babe gives an answer we don't like (shaking her right hand yep and her left hand no) we send a shock throughout her body.
One of the advantages of having an aged model is that she's been around the block a scarcely any times. She's convinced she's seen and done sufficiently that she's beyond everything we can do to her. She says that that babe thinks this babe might be "calloused". That sounds like a defiance and we are cheerful to accept. We are going to discover what soft sensitive skin there is left and go to work on that.

2: In the starting of our live session with Paintoy Emma this babe made it clear that that babe thought it was going to take a lot to break her, so to begin this installment we are going to put her in her place. We hobble her hands with tape and strap her arms and legs so that this babe is f. to crawl around on her knees and elbows. Then we put an electric collar on her so that any time this babe isn't the flawless puppy we wish her to be we can castigate her with beefy shocks.
Now that that babe understands who is in drilling, it is time to discover out just how tough our model is. Our crew had a bunch of for different ways to test Emma's endurance, but we couldn't make a decision which would be the most excellent. In the end, we decided to leave Emma's soreness up to the luck of the draw.
Today we are going to play a card game with Emma. Each round one of the handlers will pick 2 cards from a deck. The 1st card will resolve what kind of enforcement that babe acquires: beating, whipping, , or worst of all the cattle prod. The second card comes to a conclusion what part of her delicate body will get the torment and how many times. If this babe is very very favourable that babe will pull the one card in the deck that will allow her to come. There is no thing like random stimulation to drive a person to complete sensory overload.

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