Release Year: 2012

Cast: Kerri Taylor

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Tight Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Hogtie

How many of u work with an stylish woman who u fantasize about restraint bondage up? Yes, I do likewise, and a during the time that back my dream came true. Kerri, although a very gracious woman, is the office feminist prude. She wears pant suits and blouses buttoned up constricted around her neck. She's likewise highly bold and always appears to be to have an attitude, especially with male authority, so when I made a wager that I could sell greater quantity than her for the month, that babe couldn't resist not taking it. If I lost that babe could have my parking space for the next 3 months. If I won, Kerri had to spend the weekend with me in tying. I could care less about the parking space, but to her that was a giant trophy. Well I indeed won the wager! I receive to keep my parking space and I acquire Kerri as my trophy. She probably would have won if she'd done a small in number greater amount sales calls wearing a petticoat and maybe left a scarcely any buttons undone on her blouse. I Gave her the address where this babe was to report Friday after work. She shows up and I just now tie her wrists behind her back. The movie begins with me bondage a rope around her neck and then bondage it overhead. Now this babe can't run away, and I can take my time binding her curvacious body. I manhandle her a bit previous to I begin, and that babe abhors that, let me tell u. I wrap a rope around her waist and then up betwixt her legs. I then keep adding rope as I work my way down her hips and then I proceed binding her legs underneath her knees. I lastly even tie her feet. As I work, Kerri keeps making smart gazoo comments, which is typical for her. I begin to bind her arms and this babe makes some other comment... Enough is sufficiently, I stop, grab a ballgag and push it in her throat. I thong it in worthy and taut. I proceed binding Kerri's upper body in peace. The solely thing coming from her throat now is drool!

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 25:28

Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 3009kbps

Audio: 62kbps

The Office Bet, Kerri Taylor Loses - Part 1

The Office Bet, Kerri Taylor Loses - Part 1

File size: 573.3 MB

The Office Bet, Kerri Taylor Loses - Part 1