Release Year: 2014

Cast: Alexis Rain

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage

A customer wrote to me after seeing a video I did several years agone of a real escape artist I fastened who couldn't escape. He was curious to watch if Alexis could escape, as this babe is somewhat of an escape artist herself. He has commissioned others to do an escape defiance with her, and apparently this babe escaped within 5 minutes. Here were the limits: I could tie her with any amount of rope and there was no time restriction. No nudity, that babe was to wear just brassiere and pants. No groping or spanking. After that babe is tied that babe has 10 minutes to escape, if that babe fails, that babe is tickled. She can give up animalism any time, but after being tickled, this babe acquires some other 5 minutes to escape. At that point the custom part of the episode is done, and I can now have some pleasure. The movie scenes begins with Alexis wrist already in a boxtie position. I bind her legs 1st, and then I finish thoroughly binding her upper body. The trick is getting the tightness right. I could tie anything excruciatingly constricted where I know that babe would have 0% chance of escape. The customer wanted her to really have a chance though, and I wanted her to physically be able to be in the restraint bondage for 30 -40 min. I too used cotton rope, which does stretch a adult baby, giving Alexis some other tiny advantage. If Alexis wins the defiance, this babe acquires $300, if this babe fails, that babe acquires to be my restraint bondage pet for the rest of the day. Part 1 is just me restraint bondage Alexis and her bragging about how nice this babe is and what she's going to do with the $$.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 30:02

Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9

Audio: 125kbps

Alexis Rain Accepts the Escape Challenge - Part 1

Alexis Rain Accepts the Escape Challenge - Part 1

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Alexis Rain Accepts the Escape Challenge - Part 1