The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 2

Release Year: 2015

Cast: Abigail Dupree high

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Humiliation

Video language: English

Abigail Dupree, let's play a game. We've got your hands locked into a fiddle, and we're going to put a spike board right behind your feet. We're too going to give u the almost any brutal flagellation of your life. All u have to do to make it stop is take a single step back and stand on the board. Sure, the 1st hardly any strikes don't appear to be so bad, but we're going to keep increasing the intensity until u make the decision. You solely have to stay on there for a second or so and we'll be pleasured.

Abigail told that babe was an pliant fuck-slave, but when we pull out an old favourite tool this babe becomes a mouthy adult baby wench. All of her talk of just wanting to submit evaporates into "fuck you" and "I fucking detest you" when this babe realizes her bawdy cleft might have a not many hundred thousand volts of electricity shooting throughout it. First comes anger, than bargaining, as that babe tries to give up her body if it means not feeling the juice.

And then things go from bad to worse. If you've ever wondered if water torment truly works, ask Abigail. She's locked down on the floor, with a grate below her back and a slow ooze on her forehead. It doesn't take lengthy for it to begin to take effect. The repetitive drumming is an annoyance animalism 1st, a pang in a minute, and pure torment after 5. The great thing about extended feeds is that we have the time to do such bad things to such a gorgeous cutie.

Format: mp4

Duration: 52:32

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Audio: 119kbps

The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 2

The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 2

The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 2

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The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 2