Release Year: 2016

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Humiliation, Torture

In the starting of our live session with Paintoy Emma that babe made it clear that this babe thought it was going to take a lot to break her, so to begin this installment we are going to put her in her place. We hobble her hands with tape and strap her arms and legs so that that babe is made to crawl around on her knees and elbows. Then we put an electric collar on her so that any time that babe isn't the flawless puppy we desire her to be we can castigate her with strong shocks.
Now that that babe understands who is in drill, it is time to discover out just how tough our model is. Our crew had a bunch of ideas for different ways to test Emma's endurance, but we couldn't come to a conclusion which would be the superlatively good. In the end, we decided to leave Emma's castigation up to the luck of the draw.
Today we are going to play a card game with Emma. Each round one of the handlers will pick 2 cards from a deck. The 1st card will make a decision what kind of torture that babe receives: thrashing, whipping, , or worst of all the cattle prod. The second card comes to a conclusion what part of her delicate body will acquire the control and how many times. If this babe is very very fortunate this babe will pull the one card in the deck that will allow her to come. There is no thing like random stimulation to drive a person to complete sensory overload.

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RtB - Jul 23, 2016 - Paintoy Emma

RtB - Jul 23, 2016 - Paintoy Emma

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RtB - Jul 23, 2016 - Paintoy Emma