Sasha Heart - Over the Edge (2016)

Release Year: 2016

Studio: InfernalRestraints

Cast: Sasha Heart


Video language: English

Sasha Heart's experience in POWER PLAY is limited to the kind of fuzzy cuff dreams that people indulge in when they don't know how intensive real tying can be. She is just learning that there is a wide world of fresh experiences expecting for her out there, but this babe isn't shy about her interest in em. Sasha is sexy. Hot sufficiently to have studs fawning over her her whole life. She is tired of the worshipful attention that they shower her with. She knows, unfathomable down inside, that this babe is just a worthless piece of meat to be played with. This is her opportunity to actually feel it.
She didn't await it to be so facile to cum. She thought that babe would indeed have to try to receive into it, but instead that babe finds herself instantly juicy when Matt begins locking her down in wristlets. He calls her names like "slut" and "cunt" and this babe doesn't just hear em, this babe feels em in her soul. When this guy begins attaching raiment pins to her this babe arches her body up to meet em, and when this babe receives close to cumming this babe entreats him to tear em away. She can't dominate herself anymore. Sasha came looking for the feeling that babe had heard described as cum-sotted, and now that that babe has had it this babe knows that babe will always be a villein to any guy that can give it to her once more.

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Duration: 40:39

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Sasha Heart - Over the Edge (2016)

Sasha Heart - Over the Edge (2016)

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Sasha Heart - Over the Edge (2016)