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Pretty gals, clever tying, great lighting and provocative underware on 3 hawt juvenile sweethearts. Simply stated, this is great restraint bondage on great-looking hotties; clever and original and very taut harness in a hot tying environment that surpasses all understanding. Remember these psychologically-impressible comic book scenes in which soome of the ropes of the tied subject would be treated with some liquid to make em draw even tighter? Well, those scenes look like that ''after'' effect -- the ropes in this movie scene might well have been treated with whatsoever that mysterious stuff was -- the ropes are that taut! 11 restraint bondage poses including underware, topless and bare (a generous sprinkling of heels, pantyhose and garter belt-only scenes); lots of crotch ropes that are are practical as well as decorative; a gamut of gags from cloth and leather to ball and harness-ball gags; plenty of elbows jointly; several toe-ties, and intricately woven breast bondages.

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Jay Edwards - You Seem All Wound Up Today...

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Jay Edwards - You Seem All Wound Up Today...

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