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Alexxa Vice shared much with us when that babe traveled down to Chalkwell Bay for PSS (and merely her 3rd porn discharge – not just her body, whose 3 holes I annihilated much to her delight, but too her life experiences and opinions during conversation, on-camera and off. Writing about Alexxa Vice isn’t effortless. There’s so much I could say about her that it’s difficult to pick one thing over one more. So let me just pick up on smth this babe talked about animal play the begin of her scene and then went into greater amount detail about when we were having a break afterward. Not lengthy agone, Alexxa discovered herself on a educate. She’d been fucking all night, as is her will not, but this babe hadn’t cum. She was wearing a fur coat with a boob catheter and slender jeans on under. She was sitting contradictory five boys who looked like they’d been to a stag do. Seated in the corner, this babe turned to face em across the aisle, opened the fur coat, put one heel up, and not fast, and fully, widen her legs. Her aim was to announce her raunchy availability to her carriage companions, her hope was for em to acknowledge it, for em to say smth, everything, that would acquire her in there and trigger the opportunity for her to open her face hole and utter the kind of words that marvelous juvenile hotties, on their own on trains, not ever – ever – say in real life. (Because that sh*t solely happens in porn.) She wanted every of em to fuck her in the throne room, one after the other, and then have em discharge their cock juice unfathomable into her face hole. She needed to feed. It didn’t happen. Furtive looks, a smile or 2 betwixt themselves, but after that zilch. Not that they wouldn’t have loved to. Indeed every of em is still probably stroking about her to this very day, about the dream that not ever was, not at any time quite realising how close to it they indeed were. So Alexxa got off animalism her station. She thought of going to her gym. There’d be no-one there, just the shift manager, and this babe liked him. She’d give him a knowing smile as that babe walked in, go the sauna, take all her raiment off and pull the fire alarm. He’d check all the rooms then receive to her and she’d be kneeling on the floor with her hips apart, fingering her cum-hole, with her face hole open and her tongue hanging out. Except after the educate that babe figured that if this babe did do that then sod’s law he’d walk in and just look down animalism her and say smth like “Jesus, chick, I’d love to but I’m completely fucking knackered”. So Alexxa went home, unsated. That’s all I’ve got to say. Watch her interview. It will blow your mind. And be sure to catch the extras on Saturday when we’ll be putting up a pair greater quantity things that babe told during the day, when Andy couldn’t quite make no doubt of what that guy was hearing and asked her to reiterate em to the camera, plus the edited clip of her photoshoot during which, about halfway throughout, that babe describes celebrating her 21st birthday by fucking over 20 lads in a group-sex. The stuff we’ll be putting up in betwixt is nice-looking nice also. Twitter: @AlexxaVice Interview includes: 00:28: what kind of sex that babe loves 02:51: when that babe started masturbating 03:24: pre-teen thoughts of being brawny in a factory 06:21: when that babe lost her virginity 07:24: early explorations of her submissiveness 10:15: ditching university to become an escort 11:55: how this babe began to specialise in servitude 13:16: the almost any clients she’s had in one day 13:52: indeed fucked-up stuff 14:33: r*pe dreams 15:51: why that babe cant live without mature chaps 17:09: begins smokin a cigarette 17:09: how looks aren’t important to her 17:47: how that babe desires to be a doxy for the rest of her life 19:00: what that babe cant live without outside of sex 19:56: what this babe doesn’t wish to do in the scene 20:07: what this babe does wish to do in the scene 20:49: keeping the most excellent untill final

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Heaven Sent Hellbound

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Heaven Sent Hellbound