Sweaty Pig 1

08 Jul 2016

Release Year: 2015

Cast: London River

Video language: English

London River is a screwed up pig. A drilled up, perspired pig. She's straining to hold herself up coz the metal collar around her neck doesn't let her sit, squat, or stand vertical, it just locks her into some terrible centre position.

She's likewise not also precious animal training following directions or answering questions. She's just also fresh to the Bdsm world to know how to behave properly during a live feed. Her manners could use some work and when it comes to teaching a lesson, there is no thing like a adult baby suffering and humiliation to drive the point home.

We have hand this day to aid out with the instructions. Minbari came in to lend his expertise. London doesn't like what that guy has to suggest very much, but everybody else does. She's crying her eyes out and we love it.

Format: mp4

Duration: 41:41

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7285kbps

Audio: 118kbps

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Sweaty Pig  1