Studio: Sexuallybroken

Big breasted Asian Mia Li is toned and built, with the body of an athlete. It is no matter. Muscles are no match for chains. Strict metal restraint bondage will circumcised this girl down to size and remind her of her place. Which is on her knees. Or bent over. Or riding ramrod. However we desire, honestly. Her restraint bondage is versatile and allows us to flip her about with ease whilst keeping her strictly restrained.
Bound down in chains betwixt 2 big wooden posts like a Greek maiden willing to be sacrificed, Mias biceps bulge impressively. They will not do her any admirable. We simply walk right up and use her face cookie. In short order Mia unravels into a mess of drool and destroyed makeup. We pulled her up off her knees, bow her over and jam shlong unfathomable into her taut snatch.
She cums rough, tugging uselessly on her chains. We are not done yet and slip down under her in advance of pulling her down and impaling her on heavy 10-pounder. All of her holes are our to use however we so crave. The implacable orgasms and strict tying does the trick as our fucktoy spirals down into raunchy slave bliss. Mia is left breath control and overspread in her own drool and juices, her eyes glassy. This is how Sexuallybroken works my dear. Anytime...

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Duration: 16:37

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Big Breasted Mia Li Bent

Big Breasted Mia Li Bent

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Big Breasted Mia Li Bent