This game and movie was so popular final year that we did it afresh this year. Poor Drea is bound with her wrists overhead whilst sitting on a chair. Then every knee is fastened out to the sides of the suspension frame so her legs get to stay wide open. After that a rope is fastened tightly high on the haunch, then ran down to the ankle. Once this is done to every leg, this babe cannot straighten her legs. After that this babe is tightly gagged. Then strings are attached to her very handy nipp piercings and these are attached to a bucket hanging in front of her. Enter the crowd. Everyone is said that Drea receives to keep any coins that they throw into the bucket. As the bucket receives heavier, her poor nipps begin hurting. So to take her mind off her sore teats I remove the chair. Since this babe can not straighten her legs and NO ONE can hang very lengthy by their wrists alone, this babe is in quite a predicament. Her hips burn when that babe take the pressure off of her wrists. Back n forth, back n forth. At least her teats don't hurt as much now.

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Drea Fetishcon Coin Toss

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