Diy Slave

03 Jun 2016

Karlie Montana is here with me this week to rock your world. I met Karlie final week and instantly fell in craving. She has a stud smile, fellow body, and is a chick of a hotty with a don't fuck with me attitude. "No", Karlie is not slave, she's just a slutty kick booty kind of hotty. She's had 2 bad experiences with restraint bondage. She wasn't hurt, they were just lack luster. Karlie told she'd love to try restraint bondage another time and of course I offered up my services, promising that this time it would be different.
I just don't watch how u can not have a great time with Karlie. When she's in tying, this gal is not merely responsive, this babe sure as hell goes there. That ribald bitch part of her personality just comes right out to play. Bondage and orgasms, then greater quantity restraint bondage and orgasms. Karlie has discovered a recent fetish to add to all the other messy things that babe enjoys.

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Diy Slave