Release Year: 2009

Studio: Realtimebondage

Cast: Lavender Rayne

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Sexual Disgrace, string Bondage, Rough POWER PLAY sex, humilation, spanking, electrostimulation, castigation

Video language: English

Jade signed up to be the next floozy in line for RealTimeBondage. That makes her the vagina du jour for everyone's entertainment. What do the members have in store for her during this live feed? More torments than that babe could have imagined.
For starters each floozy needs to flaccid up previous to the discipline starts. To receive her body stretched out the members have PD attach her metallic stocks to a pulley. As they raise or lower the bar that babe is moved into a series of increasingly difficult poses. Putting her throughout the paces is just the starting. While this babe is getting her exercise that babe confesses exactly what kind of tying bitch that babe is; the kind of wench who can come from a worthy flagellation.
Each fresh idea from the members produces some other level of torture for Jade. As PD explains, the latex bands on her love melons make for a sensation greater quantity bizarre than clamps can alone. The chair this babe is sat in is overspread in sharp spikes that all dig into her skin. The collar that they use on her is constricted sufficiently to make her breathing labored. To keep their gorgeous wench from resistance play there are all kinds of immoral machinations. Her thumbs pull animal training her nipps, her toes are strung to her cookie and a weight bounces, attached to the clothespin on her tongue. All of the ache this babe is ache makes her sexy. She entreats for the privilege of cumming. She suggests the members her milk cans as a sacrifice and their votes give a decision her fate. When they feel like they have seen sufficiently they allow her the big o that babe has worked so raw to earn.
The physical pang is over for now but the humiliation is just beginning. With Halloween just around the corner a standard cover or hood would just be boring. The RTB crew has fashioned a jack-o-lantern for their gorgeous and powerless floozy. It fits perfectly over her head but weighs so much that it falls and breaks on the ground. That doesn’t deter their pleasure. In fact, it provides the ideal place to surrender lunch for Jade. Miss Claire is kind sufficiently to help her. She chews the food for her and spits it into her throat and pumpkin-plate. Jade has to eat her meal in a hog tie and makes a real mess of herself.
The clean-up is no less demeaning. Her whole face is a mess so Claire and Damon clean her up by spitting in it. Jade too has one hell of a ribald throat. When the wads of paper towels aren’t up to keeping it clean they are replaced with a fresh bar of soap that remains firmly in place in spite of Jade’s struggles. The smack is so terrible that when it is removed this babe is ready to take up with the tongue the impure wooden floor if it will acquire rid of it.
Jade is unfathomable into her sub euphoria by the time it comes time to engulf PD's ramrod. She doesn't even appear to be to mind that the act has suds foaming up in her face hole. The experience of RealTimeBondage has absolutely taken her over. When he's done fucking her face Claire wishes one more chance to play with her body. Jade receives slaps across her face until her cheeks turn bright red. Claire takes her titties and twists em roughly in her hands. She likewise presses her hand down her face hole, making the wench gag each time. Sooner or later that reflex will go away, though, and then maybe she’ll be willing for PD's wang anew.
A crucifixion is in order. It's an old stand-by that not at any time receives old. There is a twist, however, cuz Jade's involves having her vagina split by a . A spreader bar makes it impossible for her to use her haunches as a defense. Instead that babe is made to deal as her muff bears her weight. When ally Dee vibrates her clitoris it takes the edge off, but as in a short time as Jade cums the ache is back and worse than ever. It is even compounded by the fact that the vibe does not go away.
And for her last action Jade solely has to answer a small in number effortless questions. While the inquiries may not be that bad the circumstances definitely are. Every time the members don't like her answers this babe feels some other jolt of electricity throughout her milk shakes. She learns to love the ache in a short time, and as ally Dee plays the sex toy over her love button once more this babe starts begging PD and the members for greater quantity shocks. After a hardly any quick pulses that babe is begging for some other chance to cum. They have their demands and this babe is desirous to meet em if it means the ability to agonorgasmos. She has to supplicate and plead for their sympathy but eventually they relent. She isn't allowed to receive away with just one, though. ally Dee greater amount orgasms from her whilst PD shocks her and Claire returns to pound on her chest. When they are lastly done with her body and she's allowed to stop cumming all Jade can do is smile and say. Thank u.

Format: mp4

Duration: 22:02

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1398kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Realtimebondage - Top Dollar featuring Lavender - (Posted March 12, 2010)

Realtimebondage - Top Dollar featuring Lavender - (Posted March 12, 2010)

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Realtimebondage - Top Dollar featuring Lavender - (Posted March 12, 2010)