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5 of our hottest models give wonderful performances in one of our almost all gripping and well-produced movie scenes ever! Stacy Burke stars as a detective who is and kidnapped during the time that investigating the disappearance of her ally Darby. Stacy doesnt know that Darby has been abducted, along with Nina Neon, Andrea Neal and Sabrina Stone, by white slavers. The beauties are seen being loaded into a van tied and gagged and are driven off. When we watch em anew, they are resistance play in a crate! Knowing that Darby is Stacys ally, the villain takes Darby out of the crate and seals the other terrified gals inside. In several hawt scenes, Stacy and Darby are tied, gagged, caressed and tormented by the cruel villain. Later, Stacy is tied and gagged standing on a chair with a noose around her neck! She struggles and tries to keep from passing out. Then, that babe is fastened next to a bomb with a timer on it. In a very well-filmed and edited scene, Stacy escapes from the abode just previous to the bomb goes off. This scene features a very phat particular effect in which u really watch the inside of the abode blow up. Sabrina, Andrea and Nina are seen once more, this time, fastened to chairs in just pants and haunch high pantyhose. Stacy and Darby are driven around in the van tied and gagged in just pants. They end up like their allies earlier, being sealed inside the crate helplessly fastened and gagged

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White Slave Detective

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