Release Year: 2016

Genres: POWER PLAY, Humiliation, Torture

Out this babe goes. Zoey Laine probably shouldn't just pick up and take soever pills strange chaps give her. She's also sexy to not know more good. Men have been paying attention to her since that babe started growing these merry adult baby billibongs of hers. Her hot legs and taut a-hole didn't go unnoticed in these yoga panties, either. Seconds after this babe downs what this babe thinks is ibuprofen this babe is on the floor. By the time that babe has come to O.T. has already inspected each inch of her pretty body.
If this chab was just fucking her that babe would probably execrate it less. O.T. has not at any time been all that interested in getting his 10-pounder moist, no matter how hawt of a piece of a-hole that guy just reeled in. Instead this guy has a recent head cage he'd like her to try out for him. Barbed wire and cold metal envelope her, that babe can watch em right in front of her eyes. She knows that the rusted spikes won't just jump out and receive her, but this babe can't assist but be terrified with em so close to her gorgeous face. She doesn't dare flail likewise much as her captor flogs her arse and uses a sex-toy to fuck her snatch. She's also worried about what this restraint bondage helmet will do to her if that babe unbalances it.
Zoey should be greater amount worried about what O.T. is going to do to her. He isn't some cold piece of iron, content to just hold her in place and not have any enjoyment. He wishes to hear her shriek and when the cat o nine tails doesn't do the trick well sufficiently this guy has plenty of other ways to receive her yelling.

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IR - May 27, 2016 - Zoey Laine

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IR - May 27, 2016 - Zoey Laine