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Instead of me getting fun I like other people getting joy from me. I like to be just a worm on the ground for people to walk on. Whatever they wish. Those are beefy words to anybody like Damon and it is going to take a lot of work for Tia to make fine on em. He commands her with an authority this babe cannot resist. I am your worm. I am your bitch, this babe calls whilst that babe cleans his boots with her tounge. She will do everything that guy desires to please him. She writhes with her rectal hole impaled on a hook, steadily chanting the mantra that the one and the other excites her and gives her peace. Recounting her story about gratifying nearly a dozen dicks makes Tia moist. They would pound me in each gap. They came on me and my face. They all came on my face, one animal play a time. The memories of her humiliation and the ache from his canes tease her into a frenzy. She receives so hawt that this babe cannot even resist the urge to cum. Damon enjoys watching her cum for him, though. She faces disappointing him if that babe does not learn to cum on command. He will train her, though. Hanging by chains from the ceiling, this babe learns, throughout the liberal use of a Sybian, exactly how to entreat his indulgence and thank him for the privilege.

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Please And Thank You | Tia Ling