Cast: Rucca Page, Danny Chrighton, Arthur Sire, Chloe Elise, Amber Pixie Wells

The Discipline Therapy Clinic is one time another time open for business, with 2 fresh behavioral therapists in charge of curing incorrigible females of their character flaws, one spanking animal training a time.Dr. Redmond Barry (Danny Chrighton) and Dr. Kurt Camphor (Arthur Sire) interview and start treatment on 2 recent patients seeking to improve their behavior this day. Gretchen Van Allen (Chloe Elise) and Heather Heller (Amber Pixie Wells) know they are bad and know it is wrong to be comes to the clinic to be cured of her propensity to gossip. Heather is a bride to be who is anxious that her uncontrollable bossiness will cause her handsome fiance to call off the wedding. In one as well as the other cases, spanking is the prescribed therapy and it commences animal play one time.

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Dangerous Blondes