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She's straining, dancing on her tiptoes in the barn. Two taut balloons of flesh bauble on her chest - her meatballs tied taut with leather. They're attached to a hoist. Her elbows and wrists have been fastened behind her back. He shoves a couch of spikes below her tender feet.

Tell me how much u wish to engulf it, that guy says, meaning his wang, of course. The suffering from her feet makes tears fall from her eyes. Drool runs to her chin. He lowers her to her knees so that babe can adoration him. When he's intense and giant, this guy sits her in his lap and this babe wiggles. She squirms. All for his joy.

She's belted into part of a metal tying chair, leaning forward, her head tied taut to a metal bar. Her gazoo juts out. He ties her teats downward and bonks her face-hole, then bonks her twat. As this guy tongues her rectal hole, this guy vibrates her. He buries his face in her slit. After this babe comes, a thick string of drool and foam hang from her face hole.

With her wrists and ankles locked in institutional restraints, that babe sits in tyler's trolley, her head locked in stocks. A tent caterpillar not fast crawls along her skin. At 1st it's solely one worm. Then 2. Before lengthy, he's dumping a entire nest of worms on her face. A ring gag holds her face hole open. She cries, exhausted. After all, it's been four lengthy days. It's the worms that lastly poke cherrytorn over the edge.

You've got to hand it to her. She's one tough sweetheart.

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Dirty Girl Part Three | Cherry Torn