Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

It's all about domineer. Straitjacket. Metal ballgag. Blindfold. Chain. PD tells Pinky to stick out her arse so this chab can beat her with a rod. She squirms away. It's clear this babe has no tolerance for ache. He tells her to shut up when that guy beats her. If she's quiet, he'll stop. It's a game this guy plays a game within a game. Psychological dominate. The mindfuck.

So Pinky smothers her screams to make the suffering stop. When that guy jams a vibrator down her mouth, this babe makes herself not to gag. PD compliments her. Pinky smiles. She acquires her award. She comes and comes and comes.

Pinky minces into the barn belted in the straitjacket. A tit puller yanks on her mangos. Chain draped under her heels from the shackles makes walking painful. PD sits her on a metal table, widening her ankles wide. He tells her he's making a device specially fit to her. She smiles.

As that guy builds the specific device, this guy takes a glowing metal cane out of the forge and taunts her, fearsome the bottoms of her feet, her body, and her cum-hole. He grinds a metallic catheter, shooting a shower of sparks that shatter against her skin. She freaks. She screams.

Mindfucked another time.

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Duration: 29:15

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Straitjacket Part Three Grindhouse | Pinky