Genres: POWER PLAY, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

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Her wrists are cuffed and hoisted high behind her. She's hooded and chained. PD let us her fuss and sweat for a during the time that. After some striking and a adult baby breathplay, Kendra's allowed to sit. This is the real starting, when the anguish begins. Hundreds of spikes on the seat, back, and arm rests of the chair bite into her soft flesh.

A metal collar attached to the chair immobilizes her neck. When that babe refuses to juice from a water bottle, a restraint is thonged onto her head, a catheter inserted into her throat. He pours water into a funnel, asphyxiation her somewhat like drowning. She complains that that babe has to pee. It dribbles out from the crotch of her hose, pattering against the metal of a bucket under her.

Her back is handcuffed tightly to the spikes of the chair. Mr. Pogo copulates her face hole and twat, and a sextoy hums against her love tunnel. She tries to stay still, but it's impossible. The spikes make multiple marks on her skin. She comes, mewing like a cat o nine tails.

Chained to a metal couch, that babe can't acquire comfortable. He thrusts her pelvis upward with a biggest block of wood. Whipped on her vagina then vibrated, her body twists and pulls against the chains. She gulps animalism the air. Kendra comes anew, her wet crack flushed and rosy.

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Kendras Pail | Kendra James

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Kendras Pail | Kendra James