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To rule the breath is to drilling the whole person. Every thought, movement, and emotion anything becomes focused on one thing merely. Air.

In his mind, she's indeed not even a this babe. It's an object, darksome, zipped into latex with a bubblehead. Only her lips can be seen. This is how u know it's human. By the lips. He hoists up this dark body-like object by the ankles. An inflatable gag plugs that single opening, the one throughout which we watch her lips. Her breath wheezes in and out throughout a tiny catheter. Moisture condenses. Drool not fast obstructs her one link with the outer world. A vibrator's zipped into the latex bag, humming against her slit. She comes. Alone.

She's bare now. We can watch she's a that babe, her ankles widen wide. He whips her back and butt, mummification the tip of the lash toward her muff and vagina. Then this chab turns her over and whips her other side. She comes very quickly when she's screwed with Mr. Pogo. He intensifies the position and plunges his hand in her love tunnel. The snatch sucks animal training him, trying to pull him in. She comes anew.

Now seated, U-bolts lock down her haunches. A metal band taut around her waist matches the Garrote animal training her face hole, keeping her plastered to the post. Mr. Pogo bonks her throat, then her a-hole. As the sex tool purrs in her cookie, that babe supplicates to come. Afterward, her pussy's open and loose, unfurled.

Vacuum tubes engulf her love bubbles, distending her teats. Her vacuumed twat grows giant and bright red. After facing a sadistic and twisted PD, Erica's cheerful and playful, wagging her tongue animal play world.

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Body Bag Fuck | Erika Kole

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Body Bag Fuck | Erika Kole