This episode begins where Part 1 ended. Poor Jennah's situation proceeds to receive worse. The guy now begins restraint bondage up her face. He attaches those 4 hooks to her nose and pulls em in all directions. Not that painful, but humiliating and a nuisance. Next, this chab ties her elbows jointly and then her wrists up, painfully wrenching her shoulders. She is fastened this way. She is in a short time placed on the floor and arched into an excruciatingly taut wrist and ankle bondage. He uses the twine fastened in her hair to make her head back as well. He leaves her for a whilst. When that guy returns this guy has a camera. He takes some pictures and clip to show the rest of the family. They will be amused by her telling em that that babe is a "Hogtied Whore Pig" multiple times throughout her very effective sponge and tape gag. They will too be amused by her pathetic begging to be untied from her wrist and ankle bondage. One problem solved, now to take care of her trying to take her husbands property. The stud has an over seas ally who will gladly pay master dollar for such a angel. Jennah is given away from her wrist and ankle bondage and the dude walks away to make chauffeuring arrangements.

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A Matter of Family Honor - Part 2