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Spooky serial chap hood. Wrists and neck locked to a post, the stretch in her arms just a adult baby lengthy. All of her weight rests upon her booty and hips, settling onto a couch of spikes. What predominates is her enormous breathing. He reminds her that this day it's about torture, not sex. And this chab cinches a thong snug about her waist. More than constricted bizarre. Because, this chab tells her, pressure around the torso has the same affect as around the neck. She goes glassy-eyed. He slaps her cheeks. Not much response.

He relents.

She's ordered to disrobe. It's difficult. She's still half-gone. A triangle of sweat wets her T-shirt betwixt her neck and meatballs. When this chab rubs her clitoris, she's soppy with desire. Whether that guy gives her ache or fun, the lines in her face look like disaster. He tells her to acquire herself off. Her fingers flick and circle her muff. She comes, but at no time one time does that babe smile.

With wrists and ankles locked in double stocks, this babe could be dismembered, no hands or feet. The daybed of spikes braised the skin of her gazoo. Angry red welts. He flogs it her butt. He bonks her mouth-hole with a handheld pecker. Her legs shake. She's screwed in her snatch. He torments her snatch with a sex tool. Her love button goes pointy and unyielding. And after this babe comes, she's juicy animal training the vagina like some mad wench trapped in a dense cloud of misery, giving everything for a single pont of time of release.

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The Interrogation | Safira Angel

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