Shaft | Calico

23 May 2016

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

She's headless. Her body hangs upside down in the dim light of the barn. Her skin is smooth, pale. The lines of her body pleasant, perhaps made greater quantity pretty by the stark image, the way her head is gone, disappearing into a gap in the center of a big box sitting on the barn floor.

As the discharge progresses, the pictures come in waves. . . Her shadow as she's hanging. . .Her face, partially obscured, seen throughout the glory-hole of a rusted metal box. . .The way that babe scurries like a spider with her ankles locked to her wrists. She's wearing heels, and this guy drags her by the hair. . . And then the slow construction of an image seen lengthy agone. Was it Cowgirl? PD builds Calico in steps upward until she's held in the air, her bawdy cleft and vagina cupped by a curve of iron, her love button and labia protruding throughout a love tunnel. Her legs are str8 and locked outward, her hair fastened upward. But in Calico's case, she's wearing the strangulation collar. Her arms and hands are belted in reverse prayer position.

Throughout the set of pictures, PD whips her. He canes her arse in red streaks. Two strings of drool leak from her upper and lower lips. She comes, and then this babe can't come. Her clit's over-sensitized, then she's numb. She wiggles. She crawls. She groans, squeals, and screams. And animal training the end, when PD's hitting her armpits coz that babe lost a game this babe was set up to lose, this babe grits her teeth in anger.

No one will be able to watch those marks, PD says as this chab whacks away. He makes her to thank him. And then this chab vibrates her one final time. Maybe this babe came. Or maybe that babe was just screaming from the ache. After all, her clitoris took quite a thrashing. She entreats him to stop. And then it's over, the end.

But the pictures linger.

Format: real

Duration: 34:31

Video: 640x480, RV40

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Shaft | Calico

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Shaft | Calico