Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

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In part one, Anna arrives animal training the farm. She stipulates that this babe won't remove her nose ring. So PD locks her wrists in bilbos and attaches the knob of the bilbos to Anna's nose ring. It's the 1st of a series of scenes that create psychological stress for anna, a slave who obviously cant live without to please.

In a slave fervor, Anna accomplishes tasks with her wrists and enormous bar attached to her nose. PD leads her to the basement by the nose and hooks the assembly upward, slipping a vibrating bullet in her hose. He bonks Anna with plastic 10-pounder and locks her bilbos to her muff ring. Then PD helps Anna squish her tall body into the sub-floor cage.

Rain pelts the roof of the barn. PD leads Anna on a voyage of possible holding devices for her overnight confinement. They all appear to be so diminutive. She hobbles along behind, now with a metal gag scarring into her throat. So which one do u crave, PD asks her.

Poor bottom Anna. Her quandary is massive. Are submissives supposed to elect? Besides, when PD suggests everything to his sufferer, that babe always pays.

In spades.

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In Spades | Anna Rose

In Spades | Anna Rose

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In Spades | Anna Rose