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We final saw Sasha animal play Hardtied dragging a naughty, smutty cage into place so PD could stuff her inside it. Which is exactly where we discover her animal training Infernal Restraints. The iron cage squeezes Sasha's flesh as PD questions her about her wild orgasms during her Hardtied discharge. She complains that she's sore from all that joy.

As PD hoists Sasha and her cage into the air, Sasha worries about bats. For anyone that hasn't heard PD's constant complaints about bat droppings on anything in the barn YEP, there are bats in that barn. And they are very active bats. So as Sasha dangles in her cage, bats become PD's allies. Because Sasha obsesses about the bats. And this babe receives her 1st smack of immobility and it is agonies.

Mr. Pogo bonks her from underneath until she's foamy. She spews ejaculate with each plunge until this babe comes with a lot of screaming. Then PD rolls the rack into place, locking her ankles in stocks, bondage her toes, and hitting the soles of her feet. He turns the wheel of the rack until her arms go constricted above her head. Working methodically as though made from the same stuff as his rack, PD permeates Sasha with metal pipe and sextoy. He stresses her neck with a easy piece of 2X4. The wheel of the rack tightens one more click, then one more. A marital-device is taped to the sex tool. PD remains aloof as Sasha supplicates to come. He tightens her body yet one greater quantity click and flails her giant wobblers with a cat as Sasha's sensitive, brash slit leaps into yet one more big o. PD torments her hyperactive love button with the marital-device as though it's an afterthought.

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Cunt Racked...Again | Sasha Sparks

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Cunt Racked...Again | Sasha Sparks