Stretch Flambe

22 May 2016

Cyd Black is going to take Dixon Mason to places this babe has not ever been in advance of, out of ever leaving the privacy of his specially prepared bdsm area.
First that babe is going to experience a painful crucifixion. She may not be nailed to the cross, but that does not mean this babe won't be torture for her sins. Nipple and labia clamps keep her transfixed just as much as the chains around her limbs.
Securely fastening Dixon is important, though. Even when that babe is on her back or on all fours the cross is what keeps her in place for Cyd's immoral debasements. It holds her down whilst that guy uses vacuum cups to increase the sensitivity of her clitoris and nipps. It keeps her firmly in place when the sex-toys would otherwise have her beating uncontrollably.

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Stretch Flambe